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NFL Rookie Jonathan Willard Gives Glory to God After Saving Family and Dog From Burning Car

July 25, 2013|2:16 pm

Jonathan Willard, Tennessee Titans

(Photo: Screen Grab via The Tennessean)

Tennessee Titans rookie linebacker, Jonathan Willard, 23.

According to a TigerNet report, Willard, 23, who signed a free agent contract with the Titans after the 2013 NFL Draft, was travelling on Interstate 40 to the team's training camp from South Carolina on Tuesday when he noticed a smoking car ahead of him.

"I saw this car in front of me, and it had all kinds of black smoke coming out of it," Willard told TigerNet Tuesday. "I tried to speed up and get up next to the car to let them know the car was on fire."

When he caught up to the car and saw a woman driving with three small children and a dog, he honked his horn and flashed his lights until the driver was forced to pull over.

Burning car

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/WPDENewsChannel15)

Tennessee Titans rookie, Jonathan Willard, 23, saved a woman, her three children and a dog from this burning car.

"As soon as I got to the car, I saw three small kids in the backseat and a dog," Willard said. "So for me, I'm thinking, 'Hurry up and get everybody out and get them away from the car.' You could see, probably up under the engine, all that was still on fire. So I'm thinking the car might go up anytime," he told the USA Today.

Another motorist joined Willard in removing the family from the car, which included a baby, just in time before it exploded.

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"We were just talking to them and getting them out and trying to keep everybody calm, keep everybody's spirits high," said Willard from the Titan's training camp.

"And then, probably two minutes after we got everyone out of the car and got everyone to safety, the car blew up once. Then, probably a couple minutes after that, it blew up again ? probably about four times," he explained.

The 23-year-old then stayed with the family long enough to make sure they were fine and the fire trucks had extinguished the blazing vehicle. The magnitude of what he had done, however, didn't register in his mind until he was back in his own vehicle and on his way to his destination.

"At the time it wasn't scary," said Willard when he reported to the Titans training camp on Wednesday. "I guess I just figured I had to do it. But afterward I realized how dangerous and scary it really was."

"It kind of topped everything I've ever done on the football field. Afterward, I was driving, and I started shaking," he added. "I was just nervous. It was a rush. I was like, 'I need to calm down.'"

Despite the fear he felt afterward, he is thankful that God had him stop at the moment he did.

"I just feel like I was in the right place at the right time," said Willard. "I give all the glory to God. I just felt like I was there for a reason."

On hearing the news, Willard's coach and his teammates praised him for his heroism.

"I'm proud of him," said Titans Coach Mike Munchak. "We're proud that he got involved. He saw something, reacted in a positive way and brought good to a tough situation. We'll probably have him stand up in front of the team and explain when we get started, so we can start camp on a very positive note."

"It speaks very highly of him that he could be riding down the street and see something like that and be able to put his life on the line to save another family," said cornerback Jason McCourty.

"I was just glad that we got the kids and all of them out of the car," Willard said on Wednesday.

"I was thinking that I was just doing what everybody else would do, but there were cars just going past us and no one else was stopping, so I don't know if that is what would happen or not," said Willard.

The Tennessean

Titans rookie linebacker Jonathan Williard describes how he saved a family in a burning car on the side of the road on his way to training camp.


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Thursday, 8 November 2012

'Script to Screen' Series Set to Bring Hollywood Screenwriters to UCSB


Christy Van Beek

Renowned Hollywood screenwriters will make appearances at University of California Santa Barbara this November as part of the Carsey-Wolf Center and Pollock Theater?s ?Script to Screen? event series. Tom Schulman, the Oscar-winning writer of ?Dead Poets Society,? and Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah, who wrote ?10 Things I Hate About You,? will be headlining the events on Nov. 8 and Nov. 29, respectively. Both events will take place at Pollock Theater at 7 p.m.

The Carsey-Wolf Center and the department of Film and Media Studies present several events focusing on screenwriting each year as part of the ?Script to Screen? series. Introduced in 2011 by Matt Ryan and Joe Palladino, these events concentrate on the translation of screenplays to films, and offer students a chance to learn about how the scripts of many popular movies were successfully adapted by actors, directors and writers.

According to Ryan, the series works toward creating an event that students ?won?t get anywhere else? through exploring the inner workings of a screenplay alongside its creators. Because Pollock Theater accommodates an audience of only 300, students? questions are fielded directly and more personally than larger events.

The pair of events will include a screening of the films as well as a question and answer forum with the screenwriters, where students will have the opportunity to discuss how the decisions of the film?s creators and contributors affected the finished products. A costume contest and chance to win prizes will conclude the events. Past ?Script to Screen? events have included a screening of ?Back to the Future? and a Q&A with Christopher Lloyd, who played Dr. Emmett Brown in the film; another event featured an evening with the animator Don Hertzfeldt, a UCSB alumnus and producer of the Academy Award-nominated film ?Rejected.?

Ryan said that the last few events have featured scene readings taken from parts of the scripts, a portion of the events that the actors and writers especially enjoy and that students find notably interesting because it ?gives them a different view of how the screenwriter wrote the script.? For students interested in screenwriting who don?t know where to begin or how to write an engaging script, learning how familiar scripts were written ?makes the process seem less difficult,? and encourages them to keep writing.

The Carsey-Wolf Center holds many other events throughout the year, working in collaboration with several media initiatives to expand students? understanding and knowledge of various forms of media literacy. As one of many job opportunities for students available through the center, the Pollock Theater offers a unique internship for students interested in the production and direction of theater events. In addition to attending workshops, Pollock interns are given first-hand experience working on media events like the ?Script to Screen? series. Students interested in screenwriting or film studies benefit not only from the advice and perspective of writers who have translated their storytelling vision to Hollywood, but also from the opportunity to become a part of the expanding department of media studies. The interns produce and direct six ?Script to Screen? events each year, two per quarter, and work hard to find engaging films that will appeal to a wide audience. In the words of Ryan, ?the goal is to choose films that both students and the community will connect to,? but the interests of the students take center stage.

Considering that there is a limited number of opportunities to speak one-on-one with well-known screenwriters of popular and beloved films, it is arguable that the ?Script to Screen? events do nothing short of placing student interests at the forefront and in the limelight.

Photo Courtesy of the Carsey-Wolf Center


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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Garcia ended up being - Fitness equipment Classifieds

Free Classifieds Health & Fitness Fitness Equipment

Buying investment properties remains the best and quickest way to increase net worth and income yearly. However, the question that investors want answered is how to find lucrative investment properties in today?s market.

The task of choosing an investment property from among hundreds or thousands of offers is a daunting one indeed. Many investors are even more apprehensive when faced with stories of loss due to misrepresentation or fraud. What every investor needs is a reliable source of information and advice to rely upon while making this very important decision.

Buyers should also of course do their own research into the suitability and affordability of a certain piece of investment property. However, it would be very useful to rely on the expertise and experience of a company that would have consultation services. In this way, possible obstacles can be foreseen and a more comprehensive study can be made.

In choosing from the many companies claiming to help investors to locate and purchase the ideal investment property, buyers need to consider a lot the overall entity. A larger company with an extensive network may be able to offer more options to choose from.

Also, investment properties need to be studied in connection with the demographics of the area. Certain key points mark areas that are offer lucrative investment properties. First of all, the demand for real estate or housing should be greater than the existing supply. This forms the basic tenet for investment in order to realize income from the property immediately.

Another key point to consider would be the consistent and significant influx of population migration into that area. This way, even with additional supply of competing properties, the buyer is assured of a regular additional injection of demand from the immigrating people.

Employment opportunities in the area should also be above adequate. This means that the people who make up the demand have the opportunity and means to afford the housing and rent that the investment properties supply. A robust local economy will allow the renters also to provide more and more jobs to the people who continue to come in. This is directly related to the next key point which is income growth. The earning power of the people in the area should steadily increase with time, so as to allow rates for rent also to be increased.

Lastly, there should be a strong demand for properties for rent in the area. Although some areas may have a robust local economy and a steady migration of new people, if the demand for that area is for owned property alone, then rented properties may not be as lucrative.

As such, finding a lucrative investment in today?s market is attainable with a little research and certain factors in play. Buyers should thus remain optimistic that there are still many opportunities for profitable investment. A little homework and the help of a reputable real estate institution would be a move in the right direction.

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Metlife close to buying Constitution Center in Washington: WSJ


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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Democrat wins bombastic Conn. Senate race

The Senate

Democrat Chris Murphy has won Connecticut's bombastic Senate race, defeating Republican and former WWE president Linda McMahon. Combined with her previous bid in 2010, McMahon has dropped $100 million of her own personal fortune to pursue a Senate seat.

Both CNN and Fox News have called Pennsylvania's race for Democrat Bob Casey over Republican Tom Smith.

Also, CNN is projecting Democrat Joe Donnelly to defeat Robert Mourdock in Indiana, while in Massachusetts, the rising Democratic star Elizabeth Warren appears to be ahead of incumbent Sen. Scott Brown.

Elsewhere, it's been a good night for Independents.? In Vermont, independent junior Senator Bernie Sanders has won re-election, while in Maine, former Governor Angus King has won the Senate seat of retiring GOP moderate Olympia Snowe.

Four other Democrats have also won re-election to the Senate: Bill Nelson in Florida, Sheldon Whitehouse in Rhode Island, Ben Cardin in Maryland and Tom Carper in Delaware. Meanwhile, in Tennessee, Republican Sen. Bob Corker held onto his seat.

The Senate races that remain toss-ups are in Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Republicans need a major upset to take over the Senate, winning all the seats where they are favored, four of the toss-ups and, if President Obama wins reelection and prevents Paul Ryan from becoming President of the Senate, also one formerly Democratic seat.

Certain contests remain intensely close, including those in North Dakota, Wisconsin and Montana, where polls show only 1 percentage point--or an even narrower margin--between the candidates.

Virginia's race between former Gov. Tom Kaine and former Sen. George Allen is widely believed to follow the results of the presidential race: Whether the state swings toward Obama or Romney will likely decide whether Kaine or Allen is the state's next senator.

The House

CNN has projected that the House of Representatives will remain in Republican control.

In the House, with 435 districts, a few contests stand out: in Minnesota's 11th district, the former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is fighting an unexpectedly tough race against the Democratic challenger, Jim Graves.

In Utah's 4th district, Mia Love may become the first black, female Republican to serve in the House, if she wins the race against one of the last Blue Dog Democrats, Jim Matheson.

In Florida, the abusive race between Tea Party darling Allen West and Democrat Patrick Murphy remains a tossup in the 18th district.

Republican Bobby Schilling, a freshman congressman from the Tea Party movement, hopes to preserve his seat in Illinois' 17th district, against Democrat Cheri Bustos.

And California's 10th district sees a tight race between "Astro Jose" Jose Hernandez, former astronaut, and Jeff Denham, a Republican freshman.


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Poll problems cropping up in spots around US

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Sporadic problems were reported Tuesday at polling places around the country, including a confrontation in Pennsylvania involving Republican inspectors over access to some polls and a last-minute court fight in Ohio over election software. One Florida elections office mistakenly told voters in robocalls the election was on Wednesday.

Although the majority of complaints were simply long lines, the Election Protection coalition of civil rights and voting access groups said they had gotten some more serious calls among more than 35,000 received on a toll-free voter protection hotline.

"''It's already started and it's busy," said Barbara Arnwine, president of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

In Philadelphia, the Republican Party said 75 legally credentialed voting inspectors were removed from polling places in the heavily Democratic city, prompting the GOP to seek a court order providing them access. Local prosecutors were also looking into the reports. Democratic Party officials did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The battleground state of Ohio was the scene of yet another court battle, this one involving a lawsuit claiming voting software installed by the state could allow manipulation of ballots by non-election board officials. The lawsuit wants a judge to order Ohio not to use the software ? something state elections officials said would "unnecessarily thwart the smooth operation of the election."

The Florida robocall glitch occurred in Pinellas County, location of St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay. Officials said the calls intended for Monday were wrongly recycled Tuesday, telling possibly thousands of voters they had until "7 p.m. tomorrow" to vote, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Nancy Whitlock, spokeswoman for the county's supervisor of elections, said officials immediately stopped the calls Tuesday morning when the problem was discovered and a second message went out telling voters to disregard the previous call.

Elsewhere, the Election Protection coalition reported problems with ballot scanners in the Ohio cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo; late-opening polling places in minority neighborhoods in Galveston, Texas; and some precincts in the Tampa, Fla., area where voters are being redirected to another polling place where they must cast a provisional ballot.

Meanwhile, voters in several storm-ravaged areas in New York and New Jersey expressed relief and even elation at being able to vote at all, considering the devastation from Superstorm Sandy. Lines were long in Point Pleasant, N.J., where residents from the Jersey Shore communities of Point Pleasant Beach and Mantoloking had to cast their ballots due to damage in their hometowns. Many people still have no power eight days after Sandy pummeled the shore.

"Nothing is more important than voting. What is the connection between voting and this?" said Alex Shamis, a resident of hard-hit Staten Island, gesturing to his mud-filled home.

Any voting problems are being closely monitored after months of legal and political battles over more voter ID restrictions and other laws, mostly fruitless hunts for supposedly ineligible people on voting rolls in many states and sustained claims that black and Hispanic voters are being targeted for intimidation and suppression.

Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University, said even in states where the restrictive laws have been blocked or delayed, many people still think they are in effect.

"The laws were struck down but the confusion remains," Waldman said.

Many of these issues could resurface in the courts after Tuesday, particularly if the race between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, is too close to call or heads for a recount in states such as Ohio or Florida.

The Justice Department will have at least 780 observers at key polling places in 23 states to ensure compliance with the 1965 Voting Rights Act and look into any allegations of voter fraud.

Provisional ballots were the latest legal skirmish in the critical battleground state of Ohio, where Secretary of State Jon Husted's decision on how they can be cast was challenged in federal court. Advocates and lawyers for labor unions contend Husted's order would lead to some provisional ballots being rejected improperly because the burden of recording the form of ID used on a provisional ballot is being placed on voters, not poll workers as in the past.

A provisional vote allows a person to have his or her say, but the ballot is subject to review and verification of eligibility.

A decision was not expected before Election Day, but the judge overseeing the case planned a ruling before Nov. 17, when provisional ballots can begin to be counted in Ohio. Provisional ballots are used more often in Ohio than in most states, with experts predicting between 200,000 and 300,000 will be cast there.

"That could be a huge problem after Election Day for counting ballots," said Wendy Weiser, director of the Brennan Center's Democracy Program. "There's really tens of thousands of voters in Ohio whose votes could be at risk."


Contributing to this report were Associated Press writers A.J. Connelly in New York, Andrew Welsh-Huggins in Columbus, Ohio, and Patrick Walters in Philadelphia.


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Video: Virginia remains a toss up

>> tom costello with us from richmond, virginia , tom, good evening.

>> reporter: hi there, brian, this state with the 13 electoral votes used to be republican, but of course went for president obama in 2008 and it is still very much in play here this year. we can also tell you that it was not a coincidence, of course, that governor romney chose norfolk, virginia as place to unveil his vice presidential running mate, paul ryan , both of them were here today. here is the latest, the wall street journal poll for virginia , showing president obama ahead by just a single point, the same margin, rather, in our national poll. obama is counting on a big voter turnout in fairfax, county, in the voter-rich areas of northern virginia . he is also hoping for a turnout in loudoun and prince william counties. meanwhile, mitt romney is hoping to make inroads there, while insuring that his base, the red states come out to vote for him. we also have a very close senate race to tell you about, two are up by three points now. so in the end, this state could make a big difference on who wins the white house .

>> all right, tom costello, now


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